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Children attend school 5 days a week, from Sunday to Thursday. Timing: 8:30am to 1:30pm except Thursdays (early day) 8:30am to 1:00pm. Staff is on hand from 7:30am for early drop-off for working parents.


We have a mix of native and bilingual speakers. Their level of English is excellent. Arabic teachers are also bilingual for the purpose of communicating with non-Arabic speaking parents from the international community.

Bus Service

Available and optional. May be two-ways or one-way. Certain areas are too far for the bus service as they require students to be on the bus too long.

School Uniform

Obligatory for KG students but not required for Nursery and Foundation.

Class Groups

Nursery (2-3 years); Foundation (3-4.); KG1 (4-5) and KG2 - Pre-primary (5-6) In Jordan, year of birth is the indicator of level, regardless of the month but Hill House requires Nursery children to have turned 2 by September of the year of entry - some exceptions.


School doctor (on call) and school dentist check all students once a year and teachers are certified First Aid trained. Also, integrated into the school system is a programme for the early detection of hearing difficulties in the very young.


Bilingual English/Arabic from the beginning. English follows the British National Curriculum, which we have found comparable all over the world and Arabic is based on the Jordanian Ministry of Education benchmarks for Early Learning.


Hill House offers a very interesting choice of after-school activities which take place as a continuance of the school day, for the convenience of families.