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Our Vision

A very special place for young children to begin their formal education. A well run, well organized establishment, dependable and well-equipped, providing the facilities necessary to ensure a holistic approach to the learning process.

A preschool of good service to the community with a team of exceptional teachers and staff, carefully chosen for their ability and commitment to the work they do.

Our Mission

(1) To provide young children with an attractive, clean and safe setting where all may enjoy a happy and successful early-learning experience and to do our best to inspire a positive attitude towards the learning process, towards attending school, towards relationships and life in general.

(2) To maintain a friendly, caring environment, joyful and stimulating, in which to nurture within each individual child a feeling of confidence and enthusiasm to master basic skills for living and learning.

(3) To give attention to all aspects of early development by encouraging special talents whether academic, creative, athletic or social.

(4) To provide the best possible professional means and methods to achieve our goals and to involve parents, and the community where necessary, to help broaden the horizons of our young students. In short, the best Kindergarten and Nursery experience in Jordan.